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We believe in personalities: it takes courage to develop and express one's personal taste and style - in art, fashion, or home decoration - and not be afraid to proudly display the results.
Creating an interior which strongly reflects personality of its owner takes time, dedication, connoisseurship and passion. Fine and decorative arts provide an endless source of inspiration: objects and antique furniture in particular are considered to be the ultimate expression of good taste which can be successfully manifested in either historically important, decorative or practical pieces.

Peacock's Finest founders

More than anything, we love sharing our passion for antique furniture, fine and decorative arts. Therefore, we buy and sell only those items which we enjoy having in our gallery until they find a new custodian. Fine English furniture and objects from early 18th to early 19th centuries dominate our collection for a reason: we praise the story they tell, their provenance, authenticity, as well as the refinement of style and craftsmanship. Over the past few years a number of high-profile UK and US collectors and decorators have become our clients and it was our utmost pleasure to provide guidance and help them choose exceptional pieces from our collection. 


Please, do not hesitate to contact us - we shall be delighted to be of assistance.


Alex & Paul Peacocks

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